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In today’s era, everyone is going online, and they all considered online transportation as well, with the boost of online exchange of data. Pendrives and USB drives are a must.

People consider using Pendrive instead of carrying paper or carrying their data on their mobile phones. Pendrive has a compact design and is transported easily due to its small size and their feature to connect it with a computer directly.

In today’s life of rough living, all we need is tuff and durable product. Rugged and shockproof pen drives are useful when you see that the data in them is necessary, and MNC and government offices use them most often.

Corsair Flash Survivor Stealth 32GB USB Flash Drive

Corsair is a big brand dealing with computer-related security issues and hard and rugged computer accessories.

Corsair has done a great job when manufacturing it as the drive is very fashionable and trending, and it is attractive. It also comes with an aircraft-grade aluminum finish on the inside and target rubber finish on the outside. Corsair has a USB 3.2 capability. This device is fast compared to all due to its connectivity with USB 3.2, and it comes in 32GB storage variant only.

Corsair also has a waterproof coating on the outside, which makes it water-resistant and shock, vibration resistant as a well. The USB drive is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux without any extra drivers. The aluminum coating makes it a little heavy, but this is very compact and easy to handle.

On the Designing compartment, the flash drive is unique. It also comes with rubber tips for the cap and rubber patterned shell cover, making it very easy to handle and premium to hold.

Patriot Supersonic Boost XT 128GB USB Flash Drive

Patriot has been in the market for a while now and has high ratings by the customers. Patriot makes a premium range of products, including computer accessories, mobile phone accessories, and daily life accessories.

It comes with 128 GB storage, and it also has more options. It comes with a full house USB 3.0 connection, which can transfer up to 150 MB per second, which is quite fast compared to others. They also have a durable and rugged covering on the top and aluminum shell on the inside. Patriot also comes with the waterproof belt body due to its compact and closed suction points.

Caraele Metallic USB Flash Drive

CAEAELE is an underrated brand related to computer accessories, and they make some decent products. CAEAELE USB flash drive is one of a kind, and it has a full metallic body on out and a full aluminum panel on the inside, which makes it a high-rated pen drive, but it is secure, and it won’t break even if a car runs through it.

It comes with two variants, 32 and 64 GB, and it also comes with 128 GB premium VPN, which is what most people consider. It comes with a Waterproof, shockproof technology. It also has x-ray, and magnetic prove, which means we can hide, and nobody will know it is there.

The device is durable and won’t even break even if you hit it with the hammer or throw it out of the window. CAEAELE comes with USB 3.0, which makes it fast enough to transfer files with 150 MBPS, and it also works with Windows and Mac. You can transfer your photo and movies with this device, and you don’t have to need any other extra device for this. CAEAELE also comes with an aluminum housing body, which makes it more durable and rust-resistant.

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