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ZAAP (USA) 9100mAh Defender Universal Power Bank

ZAAP is an international brand dealing with electronic accessories. They make premium quality products with some unique features. These are also rated as the number one portable waterproof power banks out there.

Zapp is a 9000 MH high load capacity portable charger, which can charge your phone fastly. It also comes with a rugged, stylish finish, which makes it attractive, and Zaap includes Panasonic turbo sales, which make it lightweight and well built. Zaap has a 2.1 ACES battery.

It has won many awards for a compact design and affordability as you can carry it around in your pocket, and with this waterproof product, you can go out without any hassle. It also comes with 2.1 A turbocharging, and it has an average efficient power, which is higher than 80% of the charges out there. It comes with two outputs and one input and also has lithium and battery, which makes it fast enough.


Hyundai is a big multinational company that has been there in India.

Hyundai I 10,000 MAH poly power bank is a power bank from the company Hyundai, and it’s of good quality as we all know Hyundai has produced some great products in the past. Hyundai comes with a unique grill pattern design. It is waterproof and is rated IPX4 in water rating.

The design stands out with a 10+ logo and makes it unique. Hyundai has four LEDs on top, which tells you how much life your bank has. It has about 10,000Mah battery, and it comes with four lithium polymer batteries, and it is compatible with all smartphones, including Apple, Google, and Sony. It is not rated that well, but on the designing end, it has great textures and feels to it that made it to this list.

XIAOMI A series

Xiaomi is a big multinational company dealing with every electronic product that there is in the world from a robot vacuum cleaner to robotic smart glasses. Xiaomi also features a premium finish built.

Xiaomi A is their premium range of smart products or smartphone accessories that they offer at a reasonable price anywhere in the country and globe.

Xiaomi power bank A provides a good start-finish. They have a premium Matte metal finish, which makes them a little heavy, they are very compact, and they also use object-oriented design. Xiaomi also offers a USB2.0 and USB C feature, making it compatible with every mobile phone and adapter.

Xiaomi A series also comes with a waterproof case, but you do you have to buy it separately, and it is available easily.

They also pair it with your mobile phone, which means you can check your battery percentage from your mobile phone through their smartphone application. This product didn’t make it to the Indian market for now, but you can buy it from their online and official site. The product is made in China and manufactured in China as well. They come in four colors and two textures, which include wood and leather.

OUTXE Quick Charge 20000mAh IP67 Waterproof Power Bank with Flashlight 4A Dual Input Rugged Portable Charger

OUTXE is an American company dealing with portable charging solutions. They are huge in central America and offer a variety of charging solutions to every aspect possible. They produce well-built products with a decent finish and trendy designs.

They are available in India through Amazon and other E-services website. OUTXE has a rugged and waterproof finish to its products, which makes them priced a bit higher than others. They have a decent design for Outdoor Trips. They also have IP67 Waterproof, dustproof, shockproof and skid-resistant, crushproof, and drop-tested, which makes it stand out against all of these. It has a lightweight design, which makes it easily hang on your backpack using the carabiners.

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