Best Laptop Trolly Bags in India

Posted by Deepak Sharma

MBOSS Unisex Tan Laptop Trolley Bag

This trolley backpack is one of the most decent looking on this list due to its leather texture over its front facade. It has 100% original leather padding and has one padded handle. It also has a corner mounted skate wheels, which can help you slide it away from your final destination. It also comes with various zip compartments, but overall it has a singular zip compartment structure and has various inner mesh pockets that can be used for different things. It also comes with a zip-lining, which has a high polymer coating over it, making it waterproof. Overall the company provides a warranty of 15 days, and it has faux leather used.

It is a compact form factor baggage and weighs 2.5 to 4 kgs depending upon your bag’s proportion. It has a whole new type of padded compartment and has a laptop compartment, which is also provided, but you cannot extend it, and there is no padding on the back surface. It has a height of 41 centimeters with a width of 44 cm and a depth of 23 CM. When it comes to laptop carrying capacity, it can easily store a 16-inch laptop.

When it comes to designing, it looks over and has a minimalistic look to it. It also comes in with a silver handle, which looks attractive, but this was our old-fashioned, which makes it a lead down. The tires on this baggage have a coating, which makes it safer to slide.

Swiss Military Unisex Black & Red Colourblocked Trolley Laptop Backpack

This backpack comes directly from a very known brand called Swiss military. Swiss military is famous for its premium quality bags and utility items. Surprisingly this is one of the cheapest bags you can get on this list due to its non-padded structure. It comes in a black and red trolley style and has a laptop sleeve. It has a one haul loop, which means it does not come with various chains. It also has a water bottle slot over its right and left. It has a retractable handle that has a silver coating.

The design looks elegant, and it comes with an adjustable shoulder strap. It also has a stash pocket on both sides and has a zip pocket. Zip pockets are provided on the front facade and make it easier to use it. It also has a padded mesh with its back surface, making it easier for a long ride.

The Swiss military company offers a warranty for one year with this product. Compared with others, its price is around 2,000 INR, one of the lowest you can get in the market. It is a decent product and provides us with a volume capacity of 31 L. Over to the designing section, this backpack comes in with 10000D polyester and aluminum coating. It does not have any Expendables area. The brand also provides us with various colors, but one of the most sold is red and black. It does not look attractive and looks quite simple, but it can do the job you are willing to pay.

Bags.R.us Unisex Black 42L Trolley Bag

This backpack comes in a cabin trolley style and has a premium quality leather coating over it. It has a PU material and comes in with one laptop compartment with various pockets and a trolley section. It looks like a decent trolley bag and comes in with a laptop sleeve suitable for a 16-inch laptop. It also weighs around 2.5 kg, which is quite enough. This bad pack comes in with a warranty of 6 months.

This backpack has one of the most premium quality trolleys and materials when compared to others. It does look stylish and comes in with this minimalistic style pattern. Overall it has a luxury but classic look to it with a leather finish. It does the job you are willing to pay.


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