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Marshall is a brand dealing with the music industry for a while now and is a big name. Marshall is famous for its collaboration with many pop singers, musical bands, and features with Fender guitars and musical instruments.

Stanmore is a versatile speaker and is perfect for parties and events of small scale as the speaker can connect with Bluetooth 5.0 and have an APTX technology, which can provide you with a wireless connection up to 30 m.

It also uses versatile 15 ward D classifiers and amplifiers, and you can customize them through their application. On the designing end, Marshall has made it with a premium leather finish on the top, and a wooden finish at the end and a Marshall logo in the top front.

The speaker is minimal and lightweight compared to its texture as they look like they are heavy, but they are decently light. I will prefer Marshall over any Bluetooth speaker, due to the minimal design as they will go with any room you will keep them, and everyone will ask about them due to their comfy and very premium finish.

JAYS – s-Go One

JAYS is a premium musical brand from Sweden, and they produce some of the decent and good-looking products out there. You can purchase them in India through headphones zones and retail stores. These are famous due to the minimalistic design and premium materials.

JAYS Sgo is stylish, simple, and made in Sweden product that goes with their signature design. JAYS has inspired its design from the street of Copenhagen and Gothenburg. They also resemble Swedish philosophy and the color palette.

They have 10 hours of battery life, which is ideal for an outdoor speaker. JAYS has offered a built-in microphone in the speakerphone, which means you can contact or pick up calls through this wireless speaker. Due to their mechanism, they also have a standby battery for six months, which means even if you left it ideal for, months this would not die as compared to others on the list.

They are small and compact, but this doesn’t mean they don’t have a decent sound quality, they have out-of-the-box sound quality with High tunes and low tones customized, and they also have a bass boosted mode, which you can use if you want. These earphones have better sounds to its competitor, which have more price than this.

JAYS offers a one year warranty on their product and these also come in two different variants. JAYS uses a polymer plastic finish and a premium fabric finish, which makes them lightweight and premium compared to others, these will look more costly and will sound good.

Echo Studio – Smart speaker with high-fidelity audio, Dolby Atmos and Alexa

Eco is a brand that has been given to us by Amazon and is a franchise product by Amazon. Echo comes with a minimalist design and a compact finish to it. Amazon has provided a powerful five-speaker bass and a dynamic mid-range, making it suitable for small scale parties and events.

It can connect with streaming services such as Amazon prime music and Apple Music Spotify and other streaming services directly through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi network. Just saying Alexa increases the base will increase the support. You can give it to other commands as well.

ECHO can be set up on your cabinet and work as your smart home assistant too. You can give it orders such as switch on the light, and it will switch on the fire by connecting it to intelligent lights and switches.

Amazon has provided it with a texture of the fabric, and it makes it compact, and it goes with your interiors as well, and this also has a microphone button, which can help to take up calls and talk to this. Amazon also has a smart skill, which means if you ask it to call a cab, it will book a taxi. Amazon has also provided its fabric finish, which makes it handy and premium.

Saregama Carvaan Hindi – Portable Music Player with 5000 Preloaded Songs, FM/ BT/AUX

Saregama Carvaan is an Indian brand dealing with old school design and finish. Saregama Carvaan comes with 5000 preloaded songs, which makes it a unique deal compared to others as the songs are copyrighted, and you are buying them with your device.

It comes with a USB 2.0, which is a little slow compared to others, but it also has a Bluetooth mode, which enables wireless features in it, and you can play your songs through your mobile phone and any Bluetooth device. Saregama Carvaan comes with a five hours battery life, which is quite low as compare to others. Saregama Carvaan also has a 1000 Hz frequency response and four ohms of frequency response.

It comes with the Bluetooth 4.1 version, a downgrade to its finish and compactness, but as compared to the pricing and the preloaded music copyright. I think this is a fair deal. Saregama Carvaan comes with an LCD screen display, which is not touchable, but I think it’s a fair deal when you see a Bluetooth speaker. You have a screen to it, so it’s a fair deal, and it will go great with your interior decorations of the house, and it will look great on your shelf as well.

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