Best Vacuum Cleaners for Carpet

Posted by Deepak Sharma

A clean house is a comfortable place, especially if you have carpets in a living room or bedroom.

You can clean your carpets by using a vacuum cleaner. This is a device that you should have in your house. A vacuum cleaner is handy for protecting the house from scattered dust and dirt. This electronic device can also reach corner areas, which are difficult to do with conventional cleaning tools. Vacuum cleaners come in various types and brands, such as Philips, Sharp, Electrolux. We will share the best vacuum cleaner recommendations for those of you who require a vacuum cleaner.

1. Philips FC8291 Vacuum Cleaner for carpet

This Philips vacuum cleaner operates with an electric power of 240 W for the sucking process. The end of the pipe is designed as ideal as possible so that be used to clean dust, dirt, and hair debris on hard surfaces. The cable length of up to 4 meters will support cleaning activities in a wider room. This product has a noise level of 84 dB.

The lightweight of the Philips low watt vacuum cleaner will not make you tired, especially when you have to pull and push the pipe. This electronic vacuum cleaner has a dust bag that can be washed and reused.

2. Sharp EC-CW60 Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner

The wet and dry technology in this best vacuum cleaner works on dry or wet terrain. You have to adjust the desired work mode. Compared to other products, the Sharp EC-CW60 includes an electricity-saving vacuum cleaner because it only requires 600 W.

The tube on this water and dust vacuum cleaner is also designed with a size of 7.5 liters so that you can suck in more small debris. This product is presented in a red and black combination, which looks elegant and attractive. Sharp designed this device with 23.8 x 30.2 x 39.5 mm and weighing about 5.8 kg. For the cable, this product is equipped with a 4.5-meter long power cable.

3. Sharp EC-A1RA-A Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

Choose the Sharp EC-A1RA-A, which is specially designed in the form of a cordless stick. With this tool, it will be easier for you to clean dirt and cobwebs from high surfaces. The Sharp Reactive Air only weighs 1.5 kg, so that you can lift it effortlessly. The pipe is made of dry carbon, which is light and strong. The best vacuum cleaner is implanted with a large capacity motor and centrifugal cyclone technology to ensure a stronger dust suction.

4. Idealife IL-130 Mini Vacuum Cleaner

Do not let mites and dust infest your sleeping bed or your child because it can endanger health. Buy the Idealife IL-130; this mini vacuum cleaner will come in very handy. You can remove dust and mites from mattresses, pillows, bolsters, and even blankets.

You can also use this multifunctional vacuum cleaner from Idealife to remove dust on car seats. Apart from acting as a vacuum, this tool can also be turned into a blow cleaner. Idealife includes a dust collecting tube with a capacity of 0.6 L.

5. Electrolux ZB3311 Allergy Ergorapido Cordless Stick

Especially for those who need a good wireless type vacuum cleaner, we recommend this product from Electrolux. This vacuum cleaner is made without cables. Electrolux ZB3311 implements 2 buttons for setting the suction power, namely the booster and normal.

The Brush Roll Clean technology that accompanies this tool is considered capable of making its performance faster in sucking dust. Electrolux also provides an allergy filter that will trap 99.99% of the tiny bacteria. This best vacuum cleaner also has a Dustspotter LED, which functions to see dust in low light spaces.

Powered by a Lithium Turbopower battery, this vacuum cleaner can work for up to 48 minutes.

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